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Eligibility criteria - Éconologis Program

Eligibility criteria

You must meet the following criteria to be eligible for the Éconologis program:

  • You rent or own your residence.
  • You receive an energy bill for the heating of your residence.
  • The total income of all the occupants of your residence is below the eligible income threshold.

For more information on eligible income thresholds based on the number of occupants, consult the document below:

To check whether you are eligible for the program, simply contact the organization authorized to offer the Éconologis program in your region.


  • You may be eligible for the Éconologis program no matter what type of energy you use for your main heating system, with the exception of wood.
  • You cannot register for the Éconologis program if you have already taken advantage of the program or a similar program in the last five years.
  • However, if you have moved, you could register your new home for the   Éconologis program, if you did not taken advantage of this program in the last three years.

Other criteria may apply.

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