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Conditions - Heating with Green Power program


Here are the different conditions that apply when you participate in Heating with Green Power.

Replacement work start date

To be eligible for financial assistance, you must register to participate in the Heating with Green Power program before starting any dismantlement work on your fuel-fired system.

Eligibility is confirmed in writing within 5 to 10 business days upon receipt of your application.


The decision to start any work before receiving your eligibility confirmation means that you recognize and assume the risk or any inconvenience resulting from the refusal of your application under this program.

Specific details pertaining to Rénoclimat participants

If you already received a Rénoclimat pre-work energy evaluation between October 1st, 2010 and today, you could qualify to receive financial assistance under Heating with Green Power if you meet all the eligibility criteria. Also note that your new heating unit must be purchased and installed after October 29, 2013.


Eligible fuel systems

Eligible systems include central heating systems and water heaters that use oil or any other fossil fuel with the exception of natural gas.

Heating systems

  • The system must be the home’s principal heating source before the beginning of replacement work. 
  • The system can be a hot water or hot air circulation system. 
  • The system must not be part of a dual energy system (alternately using fuel and electricity at the Hydro-Québec DT rate).
  • For multiple-unit housing, the system must be the principal source of heating for at least one unit.

Water heaters

  • Domestic hot water used in the home must be entirely provided by a fuel-fired water heater.
  • For multiple-unit buildings, the system must provide the entire hot water supply for at least one unit. 

Required work and new authorized equipment

To be eligible for financial assistance, the work must lead to the complete dismantlement of the fossil-fueled heating unit and to the removal of the oil tank.

Work must also include the installation of the new home’s principal heating equipment (or of a new water heater) that relies on electricity or on a combination of renewable energy sources.

Renewable sources of energy that are authorized include:

  • electricity*
  • geothermal energy
  • wind energy
  • solar energy
  • aerothermal energy (heat pump)

*On the condition that the home’s electricity supply be provided by the principal Hydro-Québec network. This network supplies hydroelectricity – a renewable energy source. Homes located outside this network or supplied by off-grid systems do not respect the eligibility conditions.

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Eligible participants

Heating with Green Power is intended for owners (individuals or companies) of homes located in the province of Québec. 

Home eligibility conditions

Here are the different types of eligible homes:

  • Single family homes (including semi-detached, row or mobile homes)
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Multiple-unit residential buildings with 4 to 20 units.

The home must respect the following characteristics:

  • receive electricity supply from the principal Hydro-Québec network;  
  • have no more than 3 storeys above the ground;
  • cover a maximum surface area of 600 m2 (ground footprint);
  • have a finished and intact building envelope;
  • be built and be inhabited for at least 12 months prior to participation in the program;
  • be habitable year round;
  • have at least 50% of its total floor area used for residential purposes;
  • be located in the province of Québec.

The home must also meet the following criteria:

  • be built on permanent foundations;
  • include a heating system that can maintain the indoor temperature of the home at 21 C°;
  • have AC electrical input power distributed throughout the home;
  • have drinking water supplied by the municipality or a private source;
  • have sewage services supplied by the municipality, a private septic tank or a sewage holding tank;
  • have at least one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen area with a sink and a regular oven in working order.

Non-eligible homes

Homes located outside the network or in municipalities that are supplied by the off-grid production and distribution networks of Hydro-Québec are not eligible under the Heating with Green Power program.

These homes are supplied by electricity that is produced from non-renewable energy sources. Replacing the fossil-fueled heating system of these homes with an exclusively electric system would not help reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of these residences.

To consult the municipalities that are supplied by off grid networks list.

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