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Insist on a quality Novoclimat certified home



Construction professionals

Read this section to find out more about Novoclimat Homes Program.

   Consult the Novoclimat section, reserved for construction professionals.

Description for homeowners

Novoclimat - Homes applies to new single-family homes (including semi-detached or row houses), bi-generational or single-family housing with an adjacent dwelling.

Novoclimat - Small Multiple-Unit Buildings applies to buildings of three or fewer storeys, 600 m² or less.

Novoclimat Big Multiple-Unit Buildings applies to buildings of over 600 m² and up to 10 storeys.

Model Homes - Novoclimat Select Group Contractors

In French only

Last updated: May 23, 2017

 Here are some model homes built by contractors of the Groupe Sélect Novoclimat. This map will be updated regularly. Click on the map to see pictures of the model houses, get their address and the builder’s identity.

About Novoclimat

  • Novoclimat defines the technical requirements to be observed when a house or a small multiple-unit building is built in order to offer energy performance that exceeds the norms in effect. 
  • The program includes the training and certification of construction contractors and specialists in ventilation, the inspection of dwellings when they are built, and the certification of compliant homes. 
  • Lastly, the program also includes financial assistance that is available to: 

    • the purchaser and the builder under the home section;
    • the promoter under the small multiple-unit building and big multiple-unit building sections.

This program has been officially extended until March 31, 2021.

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Did you know?

Did you know that the Novoclimat program improves a single family home's energy performance by a minimum of 20%?

The Novoclimat program also encourages the home construction industry to constantly improve its building techniques.