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About Novoclimat

Novoclimat 2.0

  • Novoclimat 2.0 defines the technical requirements to be observed when a house or a small multiple-unit building is built in order to offer energy performance that exceeds the norms in effect. 
  • The program includes the training and certification of construction contractors and specialists in ventilation, the inspection of dwellings when they are built, and the certification of compliant homes. 
  • Lastly, the program also includes financial assistance that is available to: 

    • the purchaser and the builder under the home section;
    • the promoter under the small multiple-unit building section.

The initial Novoclimat program

The initial Novoclimat program was in force from 1999 to 2013. Over 21 000 residential dwellings were built according to the program’s standards, thereby achieving enhanced energy performance.

Based on the program’s standards, the Québec Construction Code for small residential buildings was modified in August 2012. The Construction Code incorporates new requirements that improve the insulation of roofs, walls and foundations, higher minimum requirements for doors and windows, and the obligation to install a ventilation system that uses a heat recovery ventilator (HRV).

Novoclimat still applies to big multiple-unit buildings of between 4 and 10 storeys or over 600 m².


Transition énergétique Québec wishes to remind the public that it does not engage in telephone solicitation or door-to-door campaigns in respect of the government-sponsored Novoclimat program. 

Be vigilant if someone contacts you to promote certain products or services and do not hesitate to contact customer service at Transition énergétique Québec should you have any questions in this respect. 


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