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Eligibility criteria - Rénoclimat

Eligibility criteria

Eligible participants

The Rénoclimat program targets owners (individuals or businesses) of homes located in the province of Québec who wish to renovate with a view to improving their energy efficiency.

Special cases

It is possible to obtain assistance from the Rénoclimat program more than once for the same home. This allows you to receive financial assistance at every stage of your energy renovation project. Take advantage of this feature!

You may not know if the home you have just purchases has already undergone a Rénoclimat energy evaluation. It does not matter: you must still register for the program.

We will carry out a new evaluation of your home to identify its current energy performance.

Eligible homes

The different types of housing eligible under the Rénoclimat program are listed below.

  • Dwellings (single family, semi-detached and row homes, mobile homes, bi-generational homes, homes with built-in apartments, rooming houses, four-season cottage, etc.)
  • Duplexes
  • Triplexes
  • Multiple-unit residential buildings with 4 to 20 units. 

The home must respect the following characteristics:

  • have no more than 3 storeys above the ground;
  • cover a maximum surface area of 600 m2 (ground footprint);
  • have an envelope that is in a suitable condition for the air-tightness test;
  • have been built and inhabited for at least 12 months prior to participation in the program;
  • be habitable year round;
  • have at least 50% of its total floor area (including basement) used for residential purposes ;
  • be located in the province of Québec.  

The home must also meet the following criteria:

  • be built on permanent foundations;
  • include a heating system that can maintain the indoor temperature of the home at 21 C°;
  • have AC electrical  input power distributed throughout the home;
  • have drinking water supplied by the municipality or a private source;
  • have sewage services supplied by the municipality, a private septic tank or a sewage holding tank;
  • have at least one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen area with a sink and a regular oven in working order.


Can a home be declared ineligible even if it meets the criteria?

Some homes that meet all the above-mentioned criteria and characteristics may nonetheless fail to qualify for the Rénoclimat program (for example: homes that are not sufficiently air tight or are too large, buildings with very unusual layouts).

If it is impossible to conduct the blower door test during the energy evaluation of your home, it will not qualify for the Rénoclimat program.

If you have doubts about the eligibility of your home, please discuss them with the Rénoclimat energy efficiency advisor when you schedule your appointment.

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