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Post-work energy evaluation - Rénoclimat Program

Post-work energy evaluation

During this evaluation, the Rénoclimat advisor comes to your home to check on the energy efficient renovations that were carried out on your home. The evaluation can last between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes.


The advisor tours your home to observe and note all the work that was undertaken that is eligible under the Rénoclimat program.

  • For insulation work, the advisor will note the nature of the work, the covered surface areas and the attained insulating level. He will ask you for the bills that relate to the performed work.
  • For air tightness work, he will perform a blower door test and check if the work was carried out according to the recommendations of the evaluation report.
  • For mechanical systems, he will check if new units were installed as well as check their features and energy efficiency level. He will ask you for detailed bills in order to check your financial assistance eligibility.

The advisor will conduct a new blower door test to determine the new EnerGuide rating of your home and establish if its energy efficiency was improved.

Your advisor will also inform you of the most suitable renovations you could still carry out to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Subsequent energy evaluations

If you participate more than once in the Rénoclimat program the post-work energy evaluations will take place much the same way.

Your advisor will check the new energy renovations that were performed since the last energy evaluation of your home. He will perform a blower door test during each subsequent visit in order to determine the new EnerGuide rating of your home.

To be eligible for Rénoclimat financial assistance, the work must have helped improve the EnerGuide rating of your home by at least one point between the last two evaluations.

Each evaluation can take between 45 minutes and 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Cost of a post-work energy evaluation

The first post-work evaluation of your home is free, regardless of the type of home.

However, costs apply to subsequent participations. The amount varies according to the type of home and the usual taxes apply.

The amount must be paid by the owner to the Rénoclimat energy advisor when he visits the home.

Type of homePost-work evaluation (first participation)

Amount before taxes
Post-work evaluations (subsequent participations)

Amount before taxes
Single-family homeFree$75
4 to 6 unitsFree$250
7 to 9 unitsFree$300
10 to 12 unitsFree$350
13 to 16 unitsFree$400
17 to 20 unitsFree$450



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