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Pre-work energy evaluation - Rénoclimat Program

Pre-work energy evaluation

This evaluation determines the energy performance of your home before any work is carried out. It can last between 2 and 3 hours.


The energy efficiency advisor walks through your home and conducts a complete visual analysis of it.

The advisor measures and checks:

  • the location and exterior characteristics of the building (foundation, chimney, exterior wall siding, doors and windows, exterior levelling, drainage and others);
  • the interior structure of the home (foundation walls, floors); 
  • the insulation and air tightness of the home;
  • the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • the energy consumption habits (hot water, lighting and household appliances).

The advisor will conduct a blower door test to determine the EnerGuide rating of your home.

The advisor will ask you questions about your renovation plans and will provide you with personalized advice. The advisor will recommend the most suitable renovations to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

After having visited your home, the advisor will send you a detailed evaluation report including your Rénoclimat file number.

Cost of a pre-work energy evaluation

Here is the amount to pay for the first energy evaluation of your home. It must be paid by the owner to the Rénoclimat energy advisor when he visits the home.

The cost varies based on the type of home. The usual taxes apply.

Type of homeCost of pre-work evaluation
(before taxes)
Single-family home $150
or $72.46 after reimbursement (1)
4 to 6 units$500
7 to 9 units$600
10 to 12 units$700
13 to 16 units$800
17 to 20 units$900

(1) Special aspect of single-family homes : In order to encourage program participants to complete their energy efficient renovations, the Rénoclimat program allows for a portion of the cost of first pre-work evaluation to be reimbursed. When the financial assistance instalment under the Rénoclimat program is paid, you will receive a reimbursement of $100. Consequently, the pre-work evaluation will only cost you $72.46.

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Frequently asked questions

Q 1 - How to get an appointment?

Q 2 - Why should I ask for an energy evaluation when I already know the work that I want to have done?

Take advantage of the energy advisor’s presence to discuss your renovation plans. You may receive advice about essential work that you simply would not have thought of.

For example: You are planning to replace your windows. The advisor might recommend that you seal them more adequately... or that you insulate your attic!

The advisor can also prioritize the work to maximize your energy savings. Check with the advisor if the work you are planning to undertake is on the list of work that is non-eligible for Rénoclimat financial assistance.

Your evaluation report can also be used as a checklist when discussing the renovations with your contractor.

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