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5 April 2012

Rénoclimat: program enhancements since April 1st, 2012

In order to encourage households to carry out energy efficient renovations, the 2012-2013 budget of the Gouvernement du Québec has made provisions for substantial enhancements to the Rénoclimat program.

These enhancements were announced as the federal government’s ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program providing financial assistance to homeowners ended March 31, 2012.

Rénoclimat program enhancements provide for:

  • An increase of over 60% in the financial assistance currently granted;
  • Extension of the program to buildings with 4 to 20 housing units;
  • Reduction of the cost of the first energy evaluation from $150 to $50 before the work starts (applicable when the household will have completed renovations and received the second evaluation of its home after the work is completed);
  • Elimination of the participation limit of one per home.

These enhancement measures apply to people participating in the Rénoclimat program who have their second energy evaluation performed on or after April 1st, 2012.

To take advantage of these conditions, participants must not have received financial assistance under the federal ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes program.

Reference: 2012-2013 Budget Plan, available on the Web site of the ministère des Finances, Section G – Budget measures, 1.6.2 Enhancement of the Rénoclimat program.

The information contained in the Rénoclimat section of the MRNF Web site: will be updated shortly to reflect these enhancements.

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