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Programs and financial assistance

The following are main programs offered by Transition énergétique Québec and its partners. Various types of financial assistance are available through these programs.

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Title Sector Agency Energy

Efficient Farming Products

The Program offers farmers a rebate on the purchase and installation of lighting products and more efficient farm equipment.
The Program has five components: Lighting, Milking Equipment, Heat Pads, Piglet Warmers, and Fans.
Agriculture Hydro-Québec Electricity

Energy Efficiency Retrofits for Low-Income Households

The Program uses integrated approaches to implement energy-saving measures of all kinds in social and community sectors with low-income households. 
Residential, Social community Hydro-Québec Electricity

Industrial Systems Program

The Industrial Systems Program covers a wide range of measures to make industrial facilities, processes and electromechanical systems more energy-efficient or to reduce their specific electricity consumption. The Program’s four components cover a plant’s entire industrial energy efficiency cycle, from planning through improvements to support.
Industrial Hydro-Québec Electricity

Sustainable Urban Development

To encourage the development of ecodistricts, Hydro-Québec offers financial assistance to developers and contractors or municipalities that carry out electricity-saving sustainable urban development projects.
Residential, Commercial, Municipal Hydro-Québec Electricity, Emerging Energy Sources

Technology and Business Demonstration

Get Hydro-Québec’s support to test the technical and commercial viability of innovative energy-saving or power-demand optimization measures. Hydro-Québec provides financial support to foster the emergence of innovative solutions. Applications must involve at least one Hydro-Québec customer.
Technological Innovation, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Hydro-Québec Electricity

Branché au travail (in French only)

Le programme Branché au travail offre aux entreprises, aux organismes et aux municipalités du Québec une aide financière pour l'achat et l'installation de bornes de recharge de 240 volts en milieu de travail. Durant les trois ans suivant l’installation de la borne, la recharge doit être offerte gratuitement aux employés qui utilisent cette borne pour la recharge de leur véhicule personnel.
Transport, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Municipal Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) Electricity, Gasoline, Diesel

Drive Green - Drive Electric Program

The Québec government is offering individuals, businesses, organization and Québec municipalities a rebate of up to $8 000 on the purchase or lease of a new electric vehicle. Please consult the detailed list of eligible new vehicles to determine the exact amount of the rebate now in force for the vehicle model that interest you. Under this program, anyone who has purchased or leased a new or used electric vehicle can also apply for financial assistance for the purchase and installation of a 240 volt charging station at home. 
Institutional, Commercial, Municipal, Transport Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) Electricity, Gasoline, Diesel


Éconologis is an energy efficiency program for low-income households. It allows households to take advantage of free individualized advice and even to have electronic thermostats installed free of charge. This program is offered from September to March only.
Residential Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) Electricity, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Propane

ÉcoPerformance (in French only)

ÉcoPerformance vise à réduire les émissions de gaz à effet de serre et la consommation énergétique des entreprises par le financement de projets ou de mesures liés à la consommation et à la production d'énergie, de même qu'à l'amélioration des procédés. ÉcoPerformance est offert aux entreprises qui consomment des combustibles fossiles ou qui utilisent des procédés générant des émissions de GES. Il s'adresse autant aux petits qu'aux grands consommateurs d'énergie.
Industrial, Commercial, Institutional, Municipal, Transport, Agri-food Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) Fuel Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Natural Gas, Electricity, Propane, Gasoline, Diesel, Emerging Energy Sources, Residual forest biomass

Heating with Green Power

Financial assistance is available for the replacement of fossil-fueled systems with systems that use electricity or other renewable sources of energy. Eligible systems include central heating systems and water heaters that use oil or any other fossil fuel with the exception of natural gas. The system must be the home’s principal heating source before the beginning of replacement work. 
Residential Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) Fuel Oil, Electricity, Emerging Energy Sources

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