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Programs and financial assistance

The following are main programs offered by Transition énergétique Québec and its partners. Various types of financial assistance are available through these programs.

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Title Sector Agency Energy

Sustainable Urban Development

To encourage the development of ecodistricts, Hydro-Québec offers financial assistance to developers and contractors or municipalities that carry out electricity-saving sustainable urban development projects.
Residential, Commercial, Municipal Hydro-Québec Electricity, Emerging Energy Sources

Technoclimat (in French only)

The purpose of this program is to finance projects that demonstrate new technologies and innovative procedures that show strong potential for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Québec. 
Technological Innovation, Municipal, Institutional Transition énergétique Québec (TEQ) Electricity, Natural Gas, Fuel Oil, Heavy Fuel Oil, Propane, Butane, Gasoline, Diesel, Emerging Energy Sources, Residual forest biomass

Technology and Business Demonstration

Get Hydro-Québec’s support to test the technical and commercial viability of innovative energy-saving or power-demand optimization measures. Hydro-Québec provides financial support to foster the emergence of innovative solutions. Applications must involve at least one Hydro-Québec customer.
Technological Innovation, Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial Hydro-Québec Electricity

Variable speed hood

This program offers a grant to encourage the acquisition and installation of a variable-speed control system for commercial range hoods (restaurants, cafeterias, etc.). By using variable-speed fans, the system evacuates only the air volume required to remove kitchen fumes and grease. This prevents too much hot air from being removed and helps save energy since the amount of fresh air to be heated is also reduced. Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 35%. This program is intended for buildings that are equipped with a supply system of fresh air that is generated by a natural gas roof unit or by a natural gas make-up air unit.
Commercial, Institutional, Municipal, Agri-food Gaz Métro Natural Gas

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